The Manager is also committed to reducing its environmental impact, aspiring to be one of the Greenest Industrial REITs in South East Asia. This is in response to the increasing expectations from investors and tenants to reduce environmental impact and in turn lower operating costs over the long term.

The Manager targets a 5% reduction of Energy Use per unit GFA – Energy Utilisation Index over the five year period from 2016 to 2020. The total landlord energy consumption in 2015 was 9,146,057kWh, of which 741,245 kWh was generated by in-house solar energy harvesting. The installation of solar panels has contributed to a reduction of 320,366 Kg CO2 emissions, and supports Singapore's efforts to combat the impacts of climate change. In addition, the Manager entered into bulk electricity procurement agreements with power suppliers directly and together with solar energy harvesting, CIT's total energy bill was reduced by approximately $300,000 during FY2015.